Dexter GoeiDexter Goei
Chief Executive Officer,
Altice USA

Charles F. StewartCharles F. Stewart
Co-President & Chief Financial Officer,
Altice USA

Hakim BoubazineHakim Boubazine
Co-President & Chief Operating Officer,
Altice USA

Yossi BenchetritYossi Benchetrit
Chief Procurement and Programming Officer, Altice USA
Lisa RosenblumLisa Rosenblum
Vice Chairman
David ConnollyDavid Connolly
Special Advisor to the CEO
Pragash PillaiPragash Pillai
Executive Vice President, Customer Experience and Regional Market Strategy
Paul HaddadPaul Haddad
President, a4
Jon SteinbergJon Steinberg
President, Altice News / Founder and CEO, Cheddar
Colleen SchmidtColleen Schmidt
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Philippe Le MayPhilippe Le May
Chief Technology Officer
Gregg GraffGregg Graff
Executive Vice President, Altice Consumer Services
Matt GroverMatt Grover
Executive Vice President, Altice Business Services
Lee SchroederLee Schroeder
Executive Vice President, Government & Community Affairs / Chief Diversity Officer
Michael OlsenMichael Olsen
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary
Lisa Gonzalez AnselmoLisa Gonzalez Anselmo
Senior Vice President, Communications
Nick BrownNick Brown
Senior Vice President, Treasury and Investor Relations