Sustainability & Impact

Sustainability and Impact Report


Altice USA and Optimum are committed to reducing our overall environmental impact and embedding sustainability into our company’s culture and operations. We are building upon a foundation of sustainability and impact initiatives underway and continue to review our actions through the lens of sustainability to improve our environmental footprint in all functional areas across the company.   


To activate our approach and reduce our footprint, we are working to drive efficiencies, shrink our consumption of natural resources and encourage responsible environmental practices.   


We believe sustainability management drives positive outcomes across the board – for our communities, our planet and the growth of our business. As environmental concerns grow among customers, investors, employees and other stakeholders, our approach ensures we manage our environmental priorities strategically, while working to enhance our operations and control outcomes throughout our value chain.   


We are building a culture of environmental sustainability by weaving related practices into the fabric of the company and continually assessing the environmental impact of our operations.  


Demonstrating our commitment to sustainability, we are making investments to minimize our environmental impact. From utilizing renewable energy, implementing energy efficiency projects, reducing our product and packaging footprint, to our long-term vision for fiber to the home. We are committed to making an impact in becoming a more sustainable enterprise and continuing on our path to be the connectivity provider of choice.