At Altice USA, the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and communities is always our priority. With our telecommunications services and news media organizations deemed as essential during this crisis, we take seriously our obligation to provide these services and keep customers connected. 

We have a team dedicated to our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and have Business Continuity Plans to ensure the continuation of services. We are closely monitoring updates from the Centers for Disease Control and the World Health Organization regarding COVID-19, and we will continue to seek guidance from these agencies, public health officials and government agencies on a real-time basis.

Keeping our customers connected is a shared responsibility, and we thank our employees around the country for their unwavering dedication.

Commitment to Our Customers

As an essential service provider in this time of crisis, our products – internet, video, mobile, news - play a critical role in keeping customers connected and informed. Whether it’s providing internet solutions to healthcare providers, school districts and police departments, enabling remote working options for employers and online learning capabilities for students, or offering around-the-clock news coverage of the global pandemic, we know our customers are relying on us now more than ever.

Supporting Customers with our Telecommunications Services:

We are proud to have signed the FCC's 'Keep Americans Connected Pledge,' which provides relief to customers impacted by this pandemic, and have extended our commitment through June 30. 

We are also offering our Altice Advantage product to new households with students for free for until the end of the 2019-20 school year, opened our outdoor emergency Wi-Fi hotspots, and are in touch with hospital systems, local governments and schools to see how we can aid in their efforts to help. To learn more about these offerings and relief efforts, visit or

On the business front, we’re partnering with school districts in the NY Tri-state area to offer our Student WiFi product at no cost until the end of the 2019-20school year. Altice Business Student WiFi provides students who have school-issued devices the ability to use the Optimum WiFi Hot Spot Network to access their school’s network and resources from home if they do not have dedicated Internet access. Interested schools, can visit  

Supporting Customers with our News Media Services:

From promoting local businesses that remain open during this pandemic to delivering talk shows with experts, our news teams at Cheddar, News 12 and i24NEWS are providing non-stop coverage of the latest news and information to our viewers. 

Keeping our Customers Entertained:

As more people remain home, we’re making more entertainment options available. We’ve made select new release pictures available On Demand and we’re worked with partners to bring free network previews with live and On Demand content for the whole family, through April 30. This includes from networks such as Hallmark Channel, Discovery Family, Cooking Channel, Disney Jr, Nick Jr, and Showtime.

Commitment to Service Continuity

Our advanced fiber broadband networks, which we have invested in heavily over the last few years, can deliver for customers the quality and reliability for all their evolving personal and professional connectivity needs, including the increasing demands the current environment will cause. We remain hyper-focused on network reliability and performance, with our engineers, operations centers and crews dedicated to making sure our services continue to perform as expected.

And, as always, our customers can rely on our digital tools – mobile apps, online portals, chat – for easy, 24/7 access to accounts and support. We encourage customers to use these digital tools for non-urgent matters so that our customer care representatives can focus on questions related to the pandemic.

Commitment to our People

As our employees interact with customers and the general public, we have taken steps to limit potential exposure to the virus. We have put restrictions on travel, postponed large-scale events, provided remote-work solutions and continue to reinforce safe behavior in every environment.

We are in continuous communication with our employees reminding them about the importance of good hygiene, providing them with health education and support whenever needed. Employees who feel ill have been told to not report to work and we have specific quarantine and communication procedures in place should an employee be diagnosed with COVID-19 or is asked to self-isolate by a public health authority, and to provide comprehensive benefits to support them.

We have also implemented protocols that activate closures, daily cleaning and disinfection in our facilities and adjusted our practices in contact centers to ensure the recommended social distancing guidelines We are reviewing these daily and working to identify additional ways to improve on these measures. 

To recognize the important work of our employees to deliver essential services during this extraordinary time, Altice USA introduced premium pay for customer-interfacing field service and retail employees, as well as contact center-based employees, and field crews on our News teams. This increased pay program provides a 20% premium on regular hours worked.

Commitment to Safe Environments

We also recognize that some of the essential work we do cannot be done from home, which is why we continue to reinforce safe behavior in every environment – customer homes, businesses, open retail stores - and have implemented a series of preventative health measures to keep employees and customers safe. For example, we increased the safety measures for our technicians, such as providing protective supplies like gloves and masks and sanitizers, daily temperature checks, conducting pre-calls prior to tech visits to ensure no one in the premise is sick, and providing scripts for our employees to use before entering a premise to ensure they feel save in the environment.

Learn More about What our Businesses Are Doing

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