Altice USA is a company with grand ambitions.

To lead in this digital-everything world.

To reimagine the technology and experiences that connect our customers to everything they need and love.

To make a positive impact on the places we work and serve.

We believe this is all possible through the power of the collective. When we come together as a team to share perspectives, ideas, learnings and celebrations, Altice USA is better for it. Our customers are better for it. Our communities are better for it.

Together Has No Limits. This is who Altice USA is and strives to be in everything we do. Because we know that when we’re one team pulling in the same direction, the possibilities for how we can impact the lives of our employees, customers and communities are truly endless.

And when we say “together” we mean inclusive because this mantle is only as powerful as the make-up of our organization. That’s why diversity and inclusion are central pillars of who we are as a company. We recognize and celebrate all of the things that make our people and those we serve unique. And we tap into these distinct perspectives to better shape our culture and products.

“Altice USA is a special place with endless opportunities both in the type of impact we can have on the world, but also the impact our people can have on us. Fueling that is a commitment to inclusiveness throughout the company in every aspect of how we operate. Because what makes us unique, is what drives innovation. It’s our differences that allow us to reimagine what used to not be possible. These are not just nice to haves. These characteristics are critical to sustaining our business success.” - Dexter Goei, CEO