Diversity & Inclusion

Altice USA is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce that works together to innovate, develop and deliver best-in-class products and services for our diverse customer base. Our eight employee affinity groups provide opportunities for employees to actively engage and influence an inclusive culture at Altice USA, focusing on talent, workplace culture, community, products, services and operations.  With a perfect score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index over the last four years and recognition by Disability Equality Index for Disability Inclusion, we are seeing our efforts make a difference.


Together has no limits is Altice USA’s cultural anthem. The idea of “together” means more than just our numbers. Together represents inclusion and opportunity for all types of people throughout our company.


Altice USA’s commitment to diversity and inclusion (D&I) is rooted in providing our employees and our customers with the best experience possible. Our approach is informed by best practices in recruitment, retention, community and culture, which will help us build a company that is welcoming, respectful and with equal opportunities for all.


To support this vision, we have 8 employee Affinity Groups that foster communities with shared interests and backgrounds. Through professional development sessions, networking events, panels and community events, our Affinity Groups are helping to create a greater sense of belonging, improve understanding of differences, and inform businesses practices and policies. With direction from our Chief Diversity Officer and support from the respective 8 executive sponsors, our Affinity Groups are making a lasting impact inside and outside the company.


The Altice USA employee Affinity Groups include:


  • AAPI Community Together (ACT) - Celebrates the rich diversity stemming from the Asia Pacific region. The group is dedicated to building a community that advocates for and supports Asian American and Pacific Islander employees and that works collaboratively with co-affinity groups to build an inclusive culture at Altice USA.
  • Altice Access –Increasing awareness towards employees and customers with accessibility needs and supporting Altice USA’s efforts to recruit and hire qualified individuals with disabilities.
  • Altice Generations – Connecting generations by building relationships, valuing differences and leveraging commonalities within Altice USA.
  • Altice Together – Promoting acceptance, inclusion and interconnection of LGBTQ individuals at Altice USA through career development support, advocacy, and supporting Altice USA’s effort to recruit and retain top talent.
  • Black Employee Affinity Group (B.E.A.N.) – Focusing on enhancing the experience, retention and development of all Black employees.
  • HER Impact Network – Providing exposure, opportunity and advocacy to advance the representation and impact of women at Altice USA. Supporting Altice USA’s efforts to attract, develop and retain the best female talent.
  • The Military Family – Helping Altice USA leverage the unique strengths and experiences of veteran employees to gain competitive advantage in our markets.
  • La Voz Unida – Assisting Altice USA in attracting, retaining and advancing the best Latino talent by connecting and building the bridge between Altice USA and the Latino community.


“Altice USA is a special place with endless opportunities both in the type of impact we can have on the world, but also the impact our people can have on us. Fueling that is a commitment to inclusiveness throughout the company in every aspect of how we operate. Because what makes us unique, is what drives innovation. It’s our differences that allow us to reimagine what used to not be possible. These are not just nice to haves. These characteristics are critical to sustaining our business success.” - Dexter Goei, Executive Chairman


Driving a D&I Mindset