It's all about connectivity. Altice USA operates a state-of-the-art network across the country delivering broadband service that is better and faster than ever before. And as our homes get smarter and more of the items we use every day get connected to the outside world, we're investing in our infrastructure to ensure we are providing our customers with the services they need to keep their lives running seamlessly. 

It all starts with fiber, which transmits data through light rather than electricity, allowing for more bandwidth and faster speeds. Through proprietary technology, we're rolling out a new advanced fiber-to-the-home network that will enable us to deliver faster, more reliable broadband service to support the digital technologies of today and well into the future while simplifying the experience for our customers with less equipment and wires in the home. 

Network investment is central to Altice USA's customer-centric approach as an organization. Continued investment in innovation, network and service enables us to meet our consumers’ current and evolving needs, enhance the customer experience, and deliver the best services and highest value to our customers.