Horizon Media and Altice USA (NYSE: ATUS) announce today Performance+, a first-to-market, innovative product to help advertisers map business outcomes against their media spend throughout the entirety of the marketing funnel – a media mix that now can include integrated sponsorships and performance media across the Altice News family of networks in one unified package.

By partnering with Altice USA’s News and Advertising business, including a4 – which offers IP-based targeting of more than 64 million homes using linear and Connected TV inventory – and news properties such as Cheddar, News 12, and i24NEWS, Horizon is now able to bring its clients full-funnel attribution that combines unique brand building integrations across local, national and international media.

In an industry first, Horizon and Altice USA have announced that the pricing of all sponsorship packages will be closely linked to business outcomes that they deliver for brands. Together, the companies believe that this shared commitment to partnership in driving growth for their clients will prove a compelling and rewarding proposition for ambitious, performance driven marketers.

“Our partnership with Altice USA allows us to bring our clients advertising solutions measured by business outcomes with integrated sponsorships on Cheddar, News 12, or i24 as part of one holistic offering,” said Stan Fields, EVP Chief Client Officer of Horizon. “No longer is it a choice between performance advertising and brand advertising. The answer now is just YES.”

“We know advertisers today are challenged with not only standing out amongst the crowd, but also how their work drives the business forward,” said Jon Steinberg, President of Altice News and Advertising. “This marriage of brand sponsorships, OTT, CTV, and linear media across properties with deeply engaged audiences along with accountability to the metrics that matter is a win for everyone involved.”

Performance+ is available exclusively for Horizon and Altice USA News and Advertising clients.