Optimum Mobile Launches Tablets for New and Existing Customers in Latest Device Portfolio Expansion

Optimum Mobile to offer new tablet devices and plans for customers to enjoy nationwide mobile coverage paired with fast and reliable Optimum Internet for complete connectivity, anytime and anywhere

NEW YORK (MAY 20, 2024) – Today, Optimum Mobile announces the introduction of tablets to its connectivity product portfolio, which brings powerful and versatile devices to residential and business customers with new Tablet Unlimited plans on America’s largest, fastest, and most awarded 5G network. When enrolling in a Tablet Unlimited plan, customers have the flexibility to order a new device through Optimum Mobile’s portfolio of offerings or to bring their own connected tablet device to activate on the Optimum Mobile network. 

“Optimum’s foray into the tablet space is a game changer for all of our customers, who can now experience powerful devices on a fast and reliable network with more value, choice, and convenience than ever before,” said Leroy Williams, Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, Optimum. “We are excited to be marking our entrance into the tablet world by offering a selection of groundbreaking tablets, including the latest and greatest, with more device variety and choice to come, as well as offering customers the ability to bring their own connected tablet devices to the Optimum Mobile network. This launch demonstrates Optimum’s commitment to providing the best-in-class customer experience, as we continue to deliver innovative products and services that meet the evolving needs of our customers.”

Why Optimum Mobile? 

Through Optimum Mobile, customers within the Optimum footprint can purchase a new device or bring their own and enroll in a Tablet Unlimited plan for $45 per month with 5G access or choose to add a mobile line to their existing account to unlock savings and get a tablet line for only $25 per month. 

Optimum Mobile provides the nation’s largest 5G coverage, and when combined with Optimum Internet, customers can experience complete and seamless connectivity both at home and on the go, all through one provider. With Optimum Internet, customers can enjoy speeds of up to 8 Gig via the Optimum Fiber network, whole home WiFi coverage with Smart WiFi for seamless streaming, working, gaming, and more, built-in security, as well as 24/7 tech support. 

Get Total Connectivity with Optimum Complete 

Customers interested in switching to Optimum can also unlock significant savings of up to $1,000 per year by enrolling in Optimum Complete, a line of Internet + Mobile bundles which provide access to a variety of service levels and price points to meet the bandwidth and data needs of every customer[1].

Optimum Complete includes packages that start at just $45 per month for internet service with one mobile line, and delivers fast, reliable internet and WiFi in the home along with 5G, nationwide wireless coverage on the go to customers through one provider with one simple, transparent price point, providing complete connectivity, simplicity, peace of mind, and exceptional value. When paired with a Tablet Unlimited plan, customers get powerful connectivity anywhere and anytime from all their devices. 

New and existing Optimum customers can visit Optimum.com/mobile for more information on tablet pricing and availability through Optimum Mobile. 

[1] Based on comparison of Optimum Complete with 1 Gig Fiber Internet + 2 lines of Optimum Mobile unlimited plan with Verizon Fios 1 Gigabyte Internet + 2 lines of 5G Unlimited Plus plan.