For any modern company to thrive in today’s day and age, innovation must be at its core. While we are still dealing with the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, both on a business and personal level, we’ve seen many companies, including ours, rise to the occasion, using innovative ideas and technology to transform their businesses to meet the needs of employees and customers.

At Altice USA we’ve adapted to the current challenges by leveraging the innovative minds of our employees and our technology. It is with that spirit in mind that we recently held our 2020 Patent Award Ceremony to acknowledge our people and teams who have developed products and technology that keep Altice USA customers connected and keep us at the forefront of innovation.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office typically grants roughly 52 percent of all patent applications and in 2020, the office granted 352,013 patents. This past year, 20 Altice USA employees were granted patents for their innovative developments. Shashank Somal, who was recognized for his part in developing patented technology at the recent Altice USA 2020 Patent Award Ceremony, noted, “From the time I started back in 2011 as an intern and now as a lead engineer, we’ve been exposed to so many technologies. Altice allows us to learn, which keeps me challenged day in and out – which is the best thing about being here and part of team.”  

We strive to provide our people with an environment to be creative, innovative and celebrated in. But also, one where they feel empowered to connect and collaborate with their peers in order to develop better products and technology.

One clear indicator of this process, according to Mahesh Singh, who helped develop technology to help users find and access their network ID and passcode, is how we tackle and address user concerns. “We have a very collaborative process between teams within the company,” Singh says. He goes on to say that “[We] all see a problem and come together to develop our solution. The end goal is to always make the user experience simpler to save people’s time.”

The group of 2020 patent award recipients is full of innovative people, much like Shashank and Mahesh. They help us strengthen our communities, stay connected through our shared commitment to our customers and continue to remind us that what sets us apart is our desire to continue focusing on championing access to technology, digital wellness and helping to develop and connect the next generation of innovators.

Please congratulate all of our patent award recipients and we look forward to celebrating more recipients next year!

Altice USA 2020 Patent Award Recipients

Heitor Almeida, Dir Software Development

Jaison Antony, Principal Software Developer

Igor Astakhov, Sr Business Insights Analyst

Bud Berrett, Sr Dir Software Architect (A4)

Pete Caramanica, VP Video Infrastructure

Bryn Chung, Dir Software Development

Pallavi Ghosh, Assoc Engineer

Spiros Gounaropoulos, Mgr Software Development

John Kenny, Dir Software Development

Rajesh Khandelwal, Sr Dir Architecture Eng

Pradip Khisti, Principal Software Developer

Louis Maniscalco, Dir NOC

John Markowski, VP Video Platform Eng & Dev

Lloyd Means, Programmer Analyst

Jamie Muscara, VP Access Networks

Pragash Pillai, EVP Operations

Lou Riley, VP Field Operations

Trisha Schepers, Director Advanced TV (A4)

Mahesh Singh, Dir Process Eng & Agent

Shashank Somal, Lead Engineer